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Hi, my name is Marisol, i'm 17 and KPOP ruins my life. ; n ;

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[SW141008] During Sunny Day Hero, Taemin kept motioning for his hyungs to come to him one by one. Individually, they came and hugged him in turns and eventually, they all had a big group hug.

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Zelo’s little tummy. ;u;

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baekhyun @ yeosu expo 120713

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1/ gifs of the perfection known as Mark Tuan

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19/ reasons to love Mark Tuan: He’s hella sexy

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spinning back and forth ~

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i’d always been a block b fan since day one… even predebut when mino and hanhae were still part of the group… 

but seeing P.O. actually break and fall apart when mino left…

a little part of me died inside. 

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So if someone in England makes a music group where all of the instruments are made from condoms, then is the band called a rubber band?

Newest hit single from the rubber band “bang bang”

and their album “the accident”

Last years single “dont tear me, ill protect you”

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